Bone Shaped Cookie Cutters


Bone Shaped Cookie Cutters

This set of bone shaped cookie cutters is great to use with the Doggie Bone Mix above. There are 3 sizes of bone shapes. The large one says “I (heart) My Dog”. Also includes 4 recipes for making dog bones from scratch. Dogs love them, of course.

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Homemade Treats For Your Pets

We are proud to offer a line of all natural products to make doggie homemade treats so very easy. These products are all made for a dog’s stomach. Much research has gone into these products. They are so safe that they meet human consumption standards.

You should never feed a dog chocolate, raisins or grapes and keep sugar to a minimum. These products are made primarily from yogurt, carob, peanut butter and other items that are actually good for your dog. The sugar, too, is kept to low amounts.

So have fun baking for your dog and your dog’s friends. They will love these wonderful treats and you can feel comfortable feeding them. I feel a birthday party coming on!!!!!

NOTE: No returns on food products because of possible contamination. Thank you.

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