Lacey, the amazing painting Golden Doodle

Hi, my name is Chantilly Lace, but everyone just calls me Lacey. I am a very loved and pampered Golden Doodle. I have everything I could ever want. A kitty brother to chase, plenty of good food and clean water, a yard to play ball or frizbee in, a warm place to sleep. I can even sleep on my mom's bed if I decide I want to. And I have lots of family, who all love me.

I also go to obedience school where I have loads of friends to play and practice with. I'm working on my 4th obedience title. A couple years ago, I took classes and became a licensed Therapy Dog and so now I get to visit with lots of people in different places who sometimes seem sad. They are always happier when I visit, it seems. That is just fun!

My mom and I realize that not all dogs are this lucky. This is very sad to us. Some dogs have no one who loves them. They never get enough to eat or drink and never get to play games in the yard. Sometimes they have to sleep out in the cold, and no one ever pays attention to them. Are you kidding me? This is horrible and unacceptable.

We want to do something about this!

So, recently my mom taught me to paint pretty pictures. Just watch the video below of me painting. It is just so fun and I get lots of treats for doing it too!

I am selling some of my paintings so we can help these sweet homeless animals find a forever home with lots of love and attention like I get. It's one little thing we can do to help.

Check out my paintings that are for sale with the link below. We are happy to donate 100 % of the profit from my paintings to places that will help these poor animals, who have no idea why they are not loved and pampered. We want to help them find a loving family of their own. They deserve that! We hope you will help us.

Buy my paintings here. Thanks!